The School of Reiki
Teaching platform of the Order of Reiki. 

The School of Reiki teaches the following:

 Usui Reiki Level 1 - three lessons and three online tests, one level 1 final test
 Usui Reiki Level 2 - three lessons and three online test, one level 2 final test
 Usui Reiki Level 3 - three lessons and three online test, one level 3 master/teacher final test

(All levels have a distance attunement)

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Each level has an offline test, you will need to have a reiki teacher to grade your tests and to set up your atunement to each level
Please email the Reiki Teacher of your choice:  go Here or contact support at School of Reiki to be assigned a reiki teacher.

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Usui Reiki is a gentle healing energy that utilizes the Universal Life Force. The Usui Level One class is designed as your basic introduction course. The class teaches the history, ethics, principles and basic techniques.

Level one attunes you to the energy, and you can give Reiki to people, pets, plants, your food, everything.

Level two teaches the symbols, which allow you to send Reiki over time and distance to others and to situations in the past or that may be coming up where you or your cloent feel you need energetic healing or support.

Level three attunes you to the Master Symbol, which deepens your own connection to the energy, focuses on the great light within you, and focuses on Reiki as the energy that aligns you with your true self.

To succeed in the three levels, students will be required to work with a teacher. Your teacher will conduct your attunement with when you have finished the exams for each level. Most teachers also require participation in a study group.

After completion of your Level attunement, you will be issued your certificate, lineage and will be considered a Usui Reiki Practitioner.

All students who wish to continue on through the Levels 1 -  3 must complete the Level 1 final offline exam given by their teacher. This also applies to the Level 3 Master/Teacher course.

We look forward to helping you on your Reiki Journey.

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Joining the Order of Reiki

Once you have completed the Usui Reiki Course to Master level you will then be able to apply to join the Order of Reiki. 
If you have already completed the Usui course and would like to join the Order of Reiki
Please go here:
and complete the application form, you will be asked to provide a copy of your certificate as proof.

Joining the School of Reiki as a Teacher

If you have successfully completed any of the courses provided by Reiki School you may also become a teacher for the school.
You will need to provide proof of your Teacher status plus a recommendation from your teacher will be asked for.

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