Level three training will teach you the master symbols and how to pass attunements to others.

Upon completion of this, the Master/Teacher level, you will be able to start taking on your own students, give Reiki sessions to others, and pass attunements to others.

The possibilities are endless.

In Master/Teacher Level 3 you will learn

Reiki Master/Teacher   
Working as a Teacher   
For Reiki Level 1 for example, you could have   
Reiki Level 2 classes can be about   
Reiki Master Teacher classes can be about   
What is needed for the different levels?   
Reiki Level 1   
Reiki Level 2   
Reiki Master/Teacher   
Additional material   
Considerations regarding the performance   
To plan the time and lessons   
Dai-Ko-Myo – The Master Symbol   
The Tibetan Fire Serpent   
Raku Symbol   
Some techniques you can use   
Clean Room   
Hui Yin   
Advanced Aura Cleansing   
If a Blockage Doesn’t Release   
A short guide to advanced aura cleansing   
​The Attunement

On completion of level 3 manual a Level 3 exam must be taken and graded with a pass result before you can be attuned to Master/Teacher level.

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