Here you will discover different techniques to more consciously manage REIKI to specific areas or the energy field you want to work with. 

Three symbols or energy structures are taught and they have the ability to harmonically change other energy forms.

This can include the physical energies of the body, but may well be about subtle energies such as an inharmonious situation, a special approach or idea, a specific fear or phobia and/or the impact of a difficult childhood and youth.

These are just a few of the areas that can be improved by using the advanced course techniques.

In Level 2 you will learn:

Words of Wisdom       
What exactly is Reiki II    
Distant Reiki    
Sending Reiki    
Reiki Symbols    
Power Symbol – Cho Ku Rei    
Mental/Emotional Symbol – Sei Hei Ki    
Distance Symbol – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen    
Can Energies from the Client Stay?    
Advanced Healing    
Purifying and Strengthening the Chakras    
To Open the Chakra    
In Order to Purify the Chakra    
In Order to Strengthen the Energy    
To Close the Chakra    
Centre the Chakras    
Clean the Aura    
Clean the Room    
Interpreting Bodies and Emotions    
Living Reiki    
To be healed    
Reiki Meditation 1 – The Process    
Meditation part 1, the process    
Reiki Meditation 2 – To Manifest Goals    
Part Two - to manifest goals    
To Achieve Goals    
Use the Distant Symbol and Send Reiki    
The Reiki Box    
When you are doing Healing Treatments    
Chakras as symbols of life - Areas   Root Chakra (Base, support)    
Sacral chakra (Own abode - the body's center point)    
Solar plexus chakra (Sweetness)    
The heart chakra (Association between body and soul)
Throat chakra (Purification)    
Third eye chakra (Receiving)    
Crown Chakra (Thousand-fold in Sanskrit)    
I'm worth all the best    
To consider    

On completion of level 2 manual a Level 2 exam must be completed before you can progress to Level 3. Once your Level 2 exam has been graded with a pass grade you will be elligible for distant attunement.

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