About the School of Reiki

The online School of Reiki was founded in 2011 by Anna Rowe to pass on the healing technique of Usui Reiki.  All lessons, tests, distant attunement and certificates are free

Anna Rowe is a Reiki Master/Teacher and was attuned to level 3 in 2006 and is a member of the Reiki Healing Association. As well as being a Reiki Master, Anna is also a certified energy healer, holds an Advanced Crystal Magic Diploma is an IPHM therapist and IPHM approved trainer.

The online School of Reiki can be found here, the school teaches the three levels of Usui Reiki.

Each level on the school site is set out in three lessons each with a multi choice test. Once the student completes all three lessons and test then they are required to request the offline level final. Once the students leave final is completed satisfactorily then they are eligible for distance attunement. All level finals are graded by our master/teachers.

We also offer the three levels lessons and test through email.

If you would like to join our online School of Reiki please go here and register: http://www.reiki.microversity.org/

If you prefer to take the lessons and tests via email please send a request for the level 1 to study@schoolofreiki.org

All students who successfuly attain Master/Teacher level, if they wish to do so may join the School of Reiki as a teacher.

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