Master Teachers

Anna Rowe RMT. IPHM. RA - contact email:

Anna is Master/Teacher and obtained her Usui Lineage from the much loved Master the late Samanthaa McKenrick on 30th September 2006. Anna is also a member of the International  Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the Reiki Healing Association

A member of the Arch Priesthood and Elder of the Correllian Tradition and Herald to the Witan.  Rev. Anna is also Dean of Witchschool,  Head of Schools  UK and EU.  Anna is Head of the Temple of Sedna and other Temples and Orders and runs the Iseum Academy, Reiki School and Temple of Sedna School of Wicca and
Head of the Order of Reiki and the Shrine of Reiki Healing.

Lee D Fluhr RMT - contact email:

Lee says:
There are two titles in my life that I am blessed to be labelled as. One is a teacher and the other is a healer. Neither of them are flashy titles, but they are needed in this time and age it seems.

I have been a teacher of some sort since my teen years, but yearned to teach others to heal. After taking up my studies of Reiki in 2007, I learned what was needed and earned my M/T certification.

I have been astounded with the numerous applications that Reiki can be used in. I was honored shortly after receiving my M/T certification to be assigned as an Assistant Instructor at Sedna-Reiki.

I also began two groups, one dedicated to Elemental Reiki and one to Celtic Reiki. I am drawn to the more earth type styles, but am slowly learning more variances as time passes.

Equinox Silvermoon - contact email:

Equinox Silvermoon says:
Hi there! I go by the trade name of Equinox Silver Moon. As of September 2018 I have become an Usui Level 1 Reiki Practitioner and have begun mentoring and teaching Level 1 students at the Correllian School of Reiki.

I am also a tarot reader and have been working with and studying the art of tarot for over 21 years but have only been doing readings for the last 19 years. I love tarot cards and doing readings is very high up on my 'likes' list!!
I have been on and apart of many paranormal investigations and I am a spiritualist medium and sensitive and continue to be a part of paranormal investigations throughout the UK.

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