Level 3 Lesson 1
Almost at the End

At this point in your journey, congratulations are in order. You are almost at the end of your training in the art of Usui Reiki Ryoho. In a nut shell, the level three training will teach you the master symbols and how to pass attunements to others. Upon completion of this, the Master/Teacher level, you will be able to start taking on your own students, give Reiki sessions to others, and pass attunements to others. At this point you may already be thinking, “What’s next once I receive my master’s certification?” Well, the possibilities are endless. Before we actually get into the final lesson itself, we would like to answer that exact question.

What’s next?

After receiving your master certification there are many possibilities you can look into. We are going to list some idea’s here for you to consider. Although this is not an extensive list of possibilities, it will give you a good amount of possibilities that you can look into.

Time off

At this point you may feel like you need to take a break before proceeding forward. This is perfectly fine and also at times expected. Many like to set a time limit for themselves once they have finished their certification to work with their new abilities and experience what Usui Reiki has to offer. If this is what you wish to do then we would recommend that while you are taking a break to make sure you continue with your daily self-healing sessions. This will help keep your chakras open and in balance. This only takes about 15 minutes a day, and can even be done before bed. Just be sure to ground once you are done so that you will be able to rest. Also work with family and friends by giving them reiki sessions. Not only will this help keep the energy channels open but it will also help to reinforce the reiki ethics that you have learned in all three levels.
You may also want to work on implementing your Reiki abilities into your daily spiritual practice. Reiki is not specific to any religion so using it during ritual, meditation, etc. can be of great benefit to your spiritual journey.

Other Modalities

Many students are immediately interested in signing up to learn different modalities of reiki. As a member of the Reiki School and the Correllian Tradition, you have the option to choose from other modalities that are offered here at the school. Below is a list of modalities that are currently offered and the list is growing at a rapid pace.
         Usui Reiki Ryoho (Pre-requisite)
         Dragon Reiki
         Kundalini Reiki
         Rainforest Reiki
         Animal Path Reiki
         Elemental Reiki
         Karuna-ki Reiki
         Others are on the way

As you can see, Usui Reiki is a pre-requisite that must be completed first before moving to any of the other modalities. The reason for this is because each of the modalities has different feel energy wise. By completing Usui Reiki first you will be able to work with the energies of the other modalities and integrate them into you aura easier.

Information on these other modalities can be found in the course list on the school site. If your current teacher/mentor doesn’t offer the modality you are looking for, they will be able to recommend a teacher who is attuned to that modality.
Join the Correllian Order of Reiki

One thing many students are interested in is the Correllian Order of Reiki. Upon completion of the master level you have the ability to join the Order as a Reiki Master to assist with healing requests or even become a teacher yourself. Below you will find information on the Correllian Order of Reiki.

The Correllian Order of Reiki Healers Statement of Purpose

The Order of Reiki was formed to provide the Correllian Nativist Tradition members with a variety of Reiki methods to learn and eventually teach. We are also committed to providing a service of Reiki healing when requested.

The Order of Reiki will not charge for any service provided to the members of the Correllian Tradition. However, what a Reiki teacher does outside of the Tradition is totally there concern as long as the name of the Correllian Reiki Order of Healers is not involved.

Constitution of the Order of Reiki

The Order of Reiki Healers is a Correllian Order bringing together members of the Correllian Tradition who are Master/Teachers of Reiki and all its methods. The Order of Reiki is a worldwide order with members from all parts of the world, providing Reiki wherever necessary for the Correllian Tradition and its members.


The purpose of the Order is to provide a central place for the Correllian Tradition’s Reiki Master/Teachers to come together and offer a teaching and healing service.

All members of the Order will provide teaching and healing free of charge and without fees for all Tradition members. However, what a member does outside the Tradition is their choice providing the Tradition is not involved.


Membership of the Order of Reiki Healers is by application or invitation only.
The requirements for membership are:

1. Membership of the Correllian Tradition, either Outer Court or Clergy. Proof will be required of level of Reiki attainment: at least Master/Teacher level

2. A commitment to the Correllian Tradition to provide either teaching or healing in Reiki.

3. The Order will not tolerate discrimination of any form, neither race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural, economic or geographical.

4. Members of this Order must be committed to teaching and/or healing through the art or Reiki without discrimination and to the betterment of the Order.

If you would like to become a member of the Correllian Order of Reiki you can submit your application below:
Order of Reiki:http://www.orderofreiki.org/membershipform.html
Also available at the Order of Reiki site are the COR Reiki patches. You will be able to place your order from the site if interested.

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