Once you have successfully completed level 2 you can then go on to level 3. If you are registered at School of Reiki online then you can sign up for level 3.  If you are taking Usui Reiki via email please email for the level 3 lesson.

Level three training will teach you the master symbols and how to pass attunements to others.

Upon completion of this, the Master/Teacher level, you will be able to start taking on your own students, give Reiki sessions to others, and pass attunements to others. The possibilities are endless.

In Level 3 Master/Teacher  you will learn:
  • Reiki Master/Teacher   
  • Working as a Teacher   
  • Lessons    
  • For Reiki Level 1 for example, you could have   
  • Reiki Level 2 classes can be about   
  • Reiki Master Teacher classes can be about   
  • What is needed for the different levels?   
  • Reiki Level 1   
  • Reiki Level 2   
  • Reiki Master/Teacher   
  • Additional material   
  • Considerations regarding the performance   
  • To plan the time and lessons   
  • Dai-Ko-Myo – The Master Symbol   
  • The Tibetan Fire Serpent   
  • Raku Symbol   
  • Some techniques you can use   
  • Clean Room   
  • Hui Yin   
  • Advanced Aura Cleansing   
  • If a Blockage Does Not Release   
  • A short guide to advanced aura cleansing   
  • ​The Attunement
On completion of level 3 manual a Level 3 exam must be taken and graded with a pass result before you can be attuned to Master/Teacher level. Once you are attuned you will be issued with a level 3 Master/Teacher certificate

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