Level 2 Lesson 3
Distant Symbol

Use the Distant Symbol and Send Reiki

As you already have read, it may be that if you are having trouble achieving a goal. It is that you think it is a valuable goal for you, so accept that there may be a part of yourself that prevents your success and that needs to be healed.
Draw only the Distance symbol and explain:
I now send Reiki to the part of myself that needs to be healed in order to achieve (say your goal) x3.
Keep your hands on your body or in your aura, with the intention of Reiki energy flowing to this part, no matter where it is found.
When Reiki has begun to flow, ask a prayer to the universe to heal this part, and to show you what lessons you may need to learn. And also how to achieve your goal.
If your goal is truly valuable, then the healing will occur and/or you will discover the lesson that you must learn to achieve your goal. If there is a valuable goal, you will discover it too and how you need to change your goal, or you discover an alternative goal that is more worthwhile.
Use this technique, as often as you need until you achieve your goal/s.

The Reiki Box

With the help of the Reiki symbols and a box of wood, cardboard or other material, but not metal, you can send healing to many people, past events or upcoming events. You can also send healing to the project you have going on or anything else you want to send positive energies to.
       Prepare the box by drawing out the symbols in the box or by paint/draw the symbols inside the box. You can also draw the symbols on the pieces that you put in the box. Do not forget the mantras times 3. Take a piece of paper and write down the name or the phenomenon, and what you want to send, such as healing, peace, success and health.
       Draw the symbols on the paper, fold it, and give it reiki for a while. Place it in the box.
       Keep the box for a while in your hands and give it Reiki. Then go to it every day, and give the box Reiki energy by holding it between your hands and think of Reiki. Sometimes it may be a need to draw some or all of the symbols again over the box.
Once a week, you should consider if any should be removed, but you can also add new pieces. New pieces and pieces that you had made before this, need to be charged with Reiki energy once again. Those who you are finished with, you can take out and burn.
When you are doing Healing Treatments:

  • Fill the room with light before the client comes; draw the three symbols in the middle of the room.
  • Put yourself in a happy state, and send healing and light to your treatment of the client, it can also be made a day in advance.
  • Draw the Power symbol in your palms, and pat what you want to work with more targeted energy
  • If an area is blocked, you can draw the symbol on that area.
  • You can also supplement your treatment with sending healing to the client''s aura, such as self-love, etc.
Living persons should preferably be interviewed and informed, before sending Reiki so that we do not involve us in their Karma. Note, this does not apply, if the persons belonging to the family or a very close friend. Who you know, doesn't mind it, at all. It can be on the safe side to always add "Divine Order", which means that your will is to be done in divine order.
Let your imagination and creativity guide you and you will find endless ways to use Reiki.