Level 2 Lesson 3
Living Reiki

Living Reiki

Reiki is described perhaps as something that is not visible. This is misleading. Reiki is visible and has an effect on things and people around us! A person is contagious laughing, in the same way as a person who is very stressed out is contagious. Each person sees and reacts instinctively on other people''s charisma, we are only more or less aware of it. How else can one explain the Birds of a feather?
Living with Reiki, creates an incredible awareness of where we have our focus and how emotions affect us. We learn how we react when we collect feelings in our body and how it feels when we release emotions from the body. But above all, Reiki give us the opportunity to influence ourselves and our surroundings in a very efficient manner!
To be healed
Love is to see, enjoy and appreciate a person or thing as the thing or person is, without evaluating or making demands. How natural it may sound, romantic love is the way to healing. Love purifies namely the body and mind, and we are surrounded by love, because love is spread under the law of karma. What you give, you get back multiple times. To live in love, requires a new mind-set. It is amazing how pets and children are loved for their very existence, but a man who has become an adult should do things to be appreciated.
Hatred, bitterness, envy, contempt, malice ... They give all the blockages in the body, and according to the law of karma, it''s also hate you get back when you hate. There are many witnesses to forgiveness’s healing properties.
Being loving is not, however, to accept that others behave badly against us - then we do not love ourselves. Being loving is all about loving the person while keeping them on their borders.
Love also means that we love our fellow human beings who refuse to change in accordance with their "own good" or listen to our advice. If we cannot handle someone else''s behaviour, it is what we need to change within ourselves. We cannot heal anyone, but ourselves.
It provides physical relaxation, mental calm and clarity and increases the ability to visualize, increases healing power and an extended day consciousness. It can also be used, to solve problems and achieve goals, and it has a startling tendency to surround everything that worries you in life with a soft, white mist of Reiki energy.

Reiki Meditation 1 – The Process
Meditation part 1 - the process
1. Sit quietly in a comfortable position with your hands on your legs or anywhere on the body, breathe deeply and slowly. Close your eyes and think of Reiki.
2. Draw the Power Symbol in front of you with the entire hand and fingers together. Visualize it, while the purple color comes out of your middle finger (power finger). Draw the symbol in the air in front of you.
3. Visualize the symbol of the third eye (Third eye-chakra) and say the mantra three times. Say the mantra aloud if no one can hear you or silent if there are other people nearby. Keep symbol firmly in the Third eye chakra.
4. When you have finished meditating on the symbol, imagine that it floats up to a field of light above you and return your awareness to the Third eye chakra.
Repeat steps 2-4 with the Mental/emotional symbol and the Distance symbol.
When you have finished meditating on the symbols, you are concentrated and charged with creating healing energies. You''re ready to proceed to the second part of meditation, where you can send Reiki to the current projects and challenges, realize your goals and help or heal others at a distance.
If you continue with this exercise every day, your ability to retain the image will be reinforced. If you find it difficult to visualize, do the best you can. If you still cannot visualize or find it hard to visualize, draw the symbol on a paper and look at it, close your eyes, visualize then look and visualize again and again, until you can see the symbol with your eyes closed.
Reiki Meditation 2 – To Manifest Goals
Part Two - to manifest goals

Say your goal, out loud or silently, create a picture of yourself having the goals you want to achieve, and visualize the three Reiki symbols around this image. Keep this image in the Third eye Chakra for 5-15 min with the thought and feeling that you have already succeeded. Do this for each goal and the project you have, or to send help and healing to others. When you are finished with your goals and vision say: If this is possible within the divine love and my karma, may it be so.
Then send the image to the light bar and place it inside the other Reiki symbols with the feeling that you have already succeeded. Accept the idea that the process is complete, and that you have already reached your goal. Believe that this is true, and then release it completely out of your consciousness.
To finish the Reiki meditation, concentrating on the area behind the navel 1-2 inches/2-5 cm. Draw the power symbol outside, in front of the body, pat yourself three times on the stomach and repeat symbol mantra three times. Then hold your attention, awareness and concentration in this area 5-15 min. This will release any excess energy in your head, and store it in your power center.
To end it all, do so by breathing deeply and slowly, and then open your eyes.
To Achieve Goals
If you have been prevented from achieving a certain goal, it means that it is something that needs to heal before you can achieve it. Then it will be easier to achieve the objective and any of its associated elements that are surrounded by the loving harmony Reiki energy. Write your name on a paper. Name your goal and write that on the paper or simply describe it. If you have a date, write it down as well. Then draw all the three symbols on the paper. Practice Reiki at least 20 minutes, every day. Continue to work to achieve your goal. You will notice that everything will go easier. If your goal is in harmony with your higher divine goal, you will achieve it.