Level 2 Lesson 2 Symbols

Reiki symbols are from the Japanese alphabet or kanji. The symbols must be purchased and used correctly in order to be activated, but this does not mean that there is only one way to take them on. The symbols were never meant to be absolute and variation exists between teachers. Mrs. Takata taught that there were differences between the original 22 masters'' characters. As a Reiki master shows Reiki symbols to a student, student sees a characterized and conflated image of the symbol and the metaphysical energy that it represents. Therefore, the proper way for a student to learn the symbols is the way they were first taught from their Reiki master. Differences will exist, but each student''s symbols are correct for him / her. They can never be abused or do harm, because Reiki is healing.
As we approach the symbols and mantras with the right mind and spirit, we will quickly develop a personal relationship with them. We will develop intuition, increasing the vibration of the Reiki thus promoting effective personal growth, and above all, the symbols will play their roles. Perhaps in a way that the rational mind does not understand.
Here is a description of how the symbols shown should be used, but the Reiki symbols have their own minds and it is possible to use them in other ways and thereby receive guidance directly from the symbols on how they can be used. Use the symbols as described but if you experiment with them, you will find many new uses.
Fundamental is this: draw the symbols once with the whole hand and hold your fingers together or mentally. Repeat the mantra three times, low or mentally.

Power Symbol – Cho Ku Rei

The horizontal line in Cho Ku Rei symbolizes the Reiki source. The vertical line symbolizes the flow of energy and the spiral that goes through the centre line seven times represents the seven chakras. The general meaning of Cho Ku Rei is, "Direct the universes power here!" The Power symbol is used to increase Reiki power. You can think of the symbol as a button that directly boosts your capacity to channel more Reiki energy. You can direct the energy directly to the treating of the body by drawing the symbol on the area that needs more energy. Cho Ku Rei also gives other symbols more power when the symbols are used together.
After stopping the treatment, you can use the power symbol to seal in the Reiki energy and prevent other energies from coming into play. Draw Cho Ku Rei in the outer layer of the aura of the person when dealing with the intention to seal the healing process.
To clean the room from negative energies before and after treatment, you can use the power symbol by visualizing the symbol on the walls, ceiling and floor with the intention to clean the room.
You can also protect yourself from negative energies by visualizing the power symbol in front of you with the intention of being fully protected. Do you want to protect your home, your valuables and your family draw the Cho Ku Rei on the things you want to protect.