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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom
In order to be able to fly, the shell must be cleaved and the delicate body exposed.
In order to be able to fly, you have to go top of the straw, even if it bends and vertigo comes.
In order to be able to fly, have the courage to be slightly greater than the fear and favourable winds prevail.
Our spiritual development is not about to alienate us from the world and everyday life without being able to live deliberately, more awake and present in everything, with an open heart.  It can create a love for the world that gives meaning, power and lust to our lives.
In Buddhism there is a simple maxim that says "before enlightenment you chop your wood and carry your water - after enlightenment you chop your wood and carry your water" and it is very insightful.

When the deeper issues will come, life has its changes and periods, and occasionally we find ourselves in situations where the big question-marks rise up. Sometimes due to external events and sometimes due to natural internal development.

         The sense of deeper meaning can only be experienced when we take time to be in touch with our innermost self. But it is not obvious that it not can be questioned even by the spiritually minded. A person aware of the development is not exempt from internal and external conflicts, on the contrary, he/she is aware of them and willing to work and do something about them. Even the religious scriptures describe doubt, darkness and despair.
         It takes courage to live consciously. To dare to see, feel and act from the heart. For the most part, we live shielded to "cope with reality." We cannot be bothered to take on all or get involved. We create a "bubble" around us. Unfortunately, the bubble that we may find ourselves in can make us feel very alone in.
         So we need to get back "to the world" and the only way is through the heart and it is not painless. To live fully is to dare to live through light and darkness, joy and sorrow.
         Grief and disbelief are natural parts of life and often a step in development and life change. Countless are the people and stories that tell us about it.
         It is important to dare to take help in various ways when we feel we need it, but also to wrestle with inner doubt, grief and other challenges as they arise. If we allow that, it may be easier to talk about feelings and easier to process them.
“Spiritual development has to do with the deepest processes of life. Life is a gift to take advantage of. Day by day, One day at a time.”

Welcome to the second step, Reiki II. Here you will learn different techniques to more consciously manage REIKI to specific areas or the energy field you want to work with.
Three symbols or energy structures are taught and they have the ability to harmonically change other energy forms. This can include the physical energies of the body, but may well be about subtle energies such as an inharmonious situation, a special approach or idea, a specific fear or phobia and/or the impact of a difficult childhood and youth. These are just a few of the areas that can be improved by using the advanced course techniques.
The main reason why many choose to attend the advanced course is that they want to learn to send Reiki treatments from a distance. Distance meaning less precisely, because REIKI vibrates at such high speeds.
This continuation course has been developed for those who want to go further. Extending Reiki and learning more. You can send Reiki to important meetings, leisure time, a writing or exam, an operation, a flight or holiday long before the situation arises, to name a few.
The continuation of the course means an activation of the body to get in tune with the three symbols so that these techniques will work. The activation involves an increased flow of Reiki through the hands and an increase of the body''s energy vibrations and a further enlargement of the aura. Now we will see further personal development begin.
So let us together begin a new adventure.

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