Level 1 Power Symbol

The level one symbol can be described in three parts

The first part, the straight line across the top, represents the incoming masculine energy
The second part, the straight vertical line, represents the energy flowing down from above through the spinal column and into the earth.
The third part, the spiral, represents the feminine energy rising from the earth and moving through the body. The spiral touches the vertical line in seven places, representing the seven chakras.

The power symbol named Cho Ku Rei. (cho koo ray) (long o in cho) is the Usui power boost mantra, and the symbol to increase the effect of Reiki.

This function is said to call in higher universal energy and accelerates Reiki from low to high and gives greater focus to the energy. This symbol can be used with other energies, as well as by itself during all treatments hands on or distance.

This energy has been used to clear rooms and crystals and to charge food and water, as well as in manifestation procedures. Many will look upon this symbol as a good luck charm, a way to empower blessings and as a protective sign. You can draw it on the palms of your hands before a session to “power up” or to start your intention to use Reiki, or draw it on the client, or other subject for Reiki.

Many have used Cho Ku Rei in spells and spell working and even on the doors and windows of their home for protection. One good example of using Cho Ku Rei outside of attunements is to send healing energy into the earth to heal her. Simply visualize while you draw the symbol on your palm, draw it in healing green once, then rose colour and finally silver once for the Goddess. Do this on each palm and then send energy directly into the earth or if you can touch the earth, you will be able to directly transmit this energy instead of visualizing it. Either way will work and be effective.

The Cho Ku Rei can also help with getting the flow of Reiki started. It can also give a feeling of the energy flow being more finely tuned or powerful. Prior to beginning any session whether with a client or student, most practitioners will draw the Cho Ku Rei on the palms of their hands, on their third eye or visualize it over the person being treated to start the flow of energy. The Cho Ku Rei is used for activating and enhancing energy,

focus, stabilizing and preparing the energy for clearing, cleansing, recharging, revitalization and general healing.

Cho Ku Rei in many ways acts as a light switch. When it is turned on it allows us to connect to the Universe/Goddess/God and opens us up as a channel for the energy to flow through.


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