Usui Reiki Level 1
Lesson 3
The First Symbol

Level 1 - Lesson 3

Level 1 Symbol

 Here you will be introduced to the first symbol you will learn. This symbol named Cho Ku Rei. (cho koo ray) (long o in cho ) is the Usui power boost mantra,  and the symbol to increase the effect of Reiki. This function is said to call in higher universal energy and accelerates Reiki from low to high and gives greater focus to the energy. This symbol can be used with other energies, as well as by itself during all treatments hands on or distance. This energy has been used to clear rooms and crystals and to charge food and water, as well as in manifestation procedures. Many will look upon this symbol as a good luck charm, a way to empower blessings and as a protective sign.  You can draw it on the palms of your hands before a session to “power up” or to start your intention to use Reiki, or draw it on the client, or other subject for Reiki. 
Many have used Cho Ku Rei in spells and spell working and even on the doors and windows of their home for protection. One good example of using Cho Ku Rei outside of attunements is to send healing energy into the earth to heal her. Simply visualize while you draw the symbol on your palm, draw it in healing green once, then rose color and finally silver once for the Goddess. Do this on each palm and then send energy directly into the earth or if you can touch the earth you will be able to directly transmit this energy instead of visualizing it. Either way will work and be effective. The Cho Ku Rei can also help with getting the flow of Reiki started. It can also give a feeling of the energy flow being more finely tuned or powerful. Prior to beginning any session whether with a client or student, most practitioners will draw the Cho Ku Rei on the palms of their hands, on their third eye or visualize it over the person being treated to start the flow of energy. The Cho Ku Rei is used for activating and enhancing energy, focus, stabilizing and preparing the energy for clearing, cleansing, recharging, revitalization and general healing. 
Cho Ku Rei in many ways acts as a light switch. When it is turned on it allows us to connect to the Universe/Goddess/God and opens us up as a channel for the energy to flow through. A simple way of activating the Cho Ku Rei is by simply saying, “Reiki on!” By now you may be asking how this symbol can do such a thing. Well let’s take a look at the symbol a little closer. When examining the symbol we can break it down into three parts. The first part is the line that is drawn from left to right at the top of the symbol. It is said that this represents the masculine flow of energy coming into being. The second part is the line that runs from the top to the bottom. 
This reflects the energy flowing from above, the universe, down to the earth, or through our spinal column. And third, the spiral. This of course represents the feminine energy coming in through the earth and spiraling up the body. Once the symbol is completed you can see that the spiral connect in seven different places upon completion. This represents the seven chakras and the flow of energy in balance.
There are many things that the Cho Ku Rei symbol can be used for. Below is a list that will give you an idea of its uses. While this list is not a complete list it will give you many ideas of the way this symbol can be used.
•    Overcome negative resistance patterns
•    Reduce pain and stress
•    Clearing and cleansing a room or rooms
•    Draw the symbol on objects to charge them with Reiki
•    Use at the start of a healing session
•    Use after a session over the individual to stabilize the treatment
•    Draw it on a piece of paper and place items on it that you want charged
•    Draw it over food or drinks before consuming them
•    Use during meditation to help amplify the energy raised
•    Use it for manifestation for things you “need.”
•    Use it to cleanse and charge crystals (More on this later)
•    The list is practically endless.
During your training you will be drawing this symbol a lot. By doing so, this will allow the symbol to be engrained into your subconscious which will allow for easier recall when needed. Practice drawing this symbol daily right before starting your self-sessions. When using the Cho Ku Rei, take a few moments to see how the energy feels, how it flows. The reason for this is because as you continue through your training, there may be times when Reiki will activate on its own. By learning its energy patterns you will be able to recognize much more clearly when it is starting to activate.

Giving a Treatment (Hand Positions) 

Above you will find the hand placements you will use for giving a treatment to a client or student when working with them one on one. 

Position 1 
Put your hands on the right and left of the nose so that they cover the forehead eyes and cheeks. 
Good for treatment of the eyes and sinuses 
Equilibrium to the pituitary and pineal gland. 
Dealing with fatigue, stress, colds, eye infections and allergies, the eyes relax, it helps the body to relax. 
Headaches can also be felt here. 

This position also creates a balancing effect on the stomach meridian, According to traditional Chinese medicine perspective, it cannot be any healing reactions triggered without a wellfunctioning stomach meridian. Through its improved performance problems can be processed more efficiently and you can find creative solutions to difficulties at all levels and translate them into reality. 

Position 2
Put your hands on the temples so that the fingertips touch the cheekbones and the palms follow the curve of side of the head.. 

Helps with relieving stress and too intensify mental activity. 
For learning and concentration difficulties and relieve colds and headaches. Keeps the brain's right and left sides and the body in balance. Balancing the hemispheres improves the overall ability to manage their lives more holistically. It is easier to relax and concentrate better. 
Also treats eye nerves and muscles. 

Position 3
Keep on the back of the head. 
Good for treatment of neck, eyes and nose, and it promotes calm and clear thinking. Use it to suppress strong feelings of anxiety and shock, and to relieve tension, headaches, and digestive disorders. Burnout can be felt as cold here. 

Position 4
Place hands on the sides of the neck and above the front but do not touch directly on the neck. 
The Throat chakras function is strengthened so that the client can more easily let go of blocked energies. If there are blockages here, cannot the body and mind work together in an appropriate manner. Good for metabolic disorders, weight problems, heart palpitations, high and low blood pressure, sore throat, hoarseness, repressed aggression, will also help you to express your own needs.   

Position 5
Place one hand below the neck and the other on the centre of the chest (sternum.)
Fresh feelings of anxiety and fear, strengthens love. Strengthens the heart chakra and helps to open up for groups and show devotion to details and for other people. 

Position 6
Put your hands between shoulder and chest (armpit). 
Strengthens the immune system. 

Position 7
Put your hands on the patient's right side below the breast. 
Good for treatment of liver and gall bladder, and parts of the pancreas and parts of the stomach.
Good for digestion, detoxification and general resistance to stress and provides overall vitality.
Depression and sadness and anger often have their physical basis of the liver out of order. 

Position 8
Put your hands on the patient's left side below the breast, above the naval.
After strengthening the body to release energy (liver and gallbladder) provides the energy body responsible for controlling these forces - the spleen, with Reiki, to the energies from the liver safely used in an optimal way. The spleen is the largest lymphatic organ and plays an important role in the immune system to remove mucus from the body and control the liver energy to the other bodies. 

Treats spleen (lust for life) and parts of the pancreas and other organs located there. 

Position 9
Put your hands after each other just below the navel. 
Good for stomach intestines, solar plexus chakra; 
Relaxing, good ability to cope with emotional stress as well as the vital force in general. There are many reflex zones of the abdominal organs in the area around the navel. Good when it comes to restoring energy and vitality. 

Position 10 
V-position, with the tip of the V pointing toward the genitals. 
Balances the abdominal organs, related to root chakra. 
There are often strong and very stubborn blockages here. Guilt that we have not yet healed left in the colon. The agencies involved in the digestion process are melting not only historical material substances, but also information, emotions and energies that belong to this. Man's starter is here - starting the engine allows us to perform the major accomplishments and enjoy it. 

Legs (From the front – Not pictured)
Keep your hands on one leg at a time, from the groin to the knee or just above the knee. 
Old anger from childhood, helping to find the person, and to live in the present. The large joints become easily blocked. This applies especially the area of knee chakras. In general, answers all the problems related to learning, feelings of inferiority, excessive pride, arrogance good at Reiki and then one should address in particular the area between the third chakra and knees.   

Position 11
Have the client/student lay on their stomach and put your hands high on the left & right shoulders and hold like a bit against the neck. If the person has additional problems in the neck then add to a position between the shoulders. 
If there is a lot of fears and frustrations and feelings of powerlessness, it is easy tension in the shoulders and neck but it could also be because we are afraid to take responsibility because we think we have to be perfect if we take the responsibility. Put your hands on the right shoulder, high up. 

Balances dwelling thoughts & old sorrows. The Emotional Side. 

Position 12
Put your hands on the left side below the shoulder. 
Good for the treatment of heart, lungs and upper back. Heart and lungs must, throughout its life work without interruption both kept running through the muscle, and both associated with both the processes of energy absorption and emission and with the creation of relationships. The lungs take in energy and air from the environment and emit energy and air to the outside world. This allows for an uninterrupted connection between inside and outside. The flow of all the feelings stimulated by Reikis effect on the acupuncture points on the meridians that are available here. When the lungs get Reiki stimulated their functions for acceptance and release.
Left side, yin part, responsible for the inside of the body. 

Position 13 
 Keep your hands after each other at the lower part of the kidney. 
Treats kidneys and nervous system. Because of the relationship to the adrenal glands, located above the kidneys and is associated with the root chakra this position is important for regeneration and constructive stress management. The kidneys are responsible for cold hands and adrenal glands of cold feet. Both have a very close relationship with the fear. 
Depressed anger and constant stress in emotionally important relationships increases the tendency to inflammatory disorders of the kidneys and their function area. In cases of acute paralysis and problems created by the fear and all forms of shock, the kidneys are a special position with good results at a Reiki treatment. By relaxing here you can let go of the past. 

Position 14 
Keep your hands after each other on the upper backside. 
Reiki for the first chakra, which is the body's strongest source of power. This position provides the whole abdomen and pelvic area of strength. When a person is very fatigued and should recover from a prolonged illness, it is useful to consider this position often and preferably for a longer period of time.
Position 18 (Not Pictured)
Keep one hand on the neck and the other where the spine ends, coccyx. 
Balancing, wait until it feels like in your hands. 

Position 19 (Not Pictured)

The feet 
The back of the feet treats feet reflex zones for all bodies, used to strengthen the root chakra and the "foundation" of all the chakras and areas. Energy stocks easily in the larger joints. It is important that the legs and feet are kept free from obstructions that would otherwise prevent the body from taking up fresh strength from the earth and leave the forces that are no longer useful. Keep gentle to ankles too so that energy flows can flow freely on the way to the feet. The wrists are reflex zones of the abdominal and pelvic area.

The front of the feet. - The immune system.