Level 1
There are two ways to take the three levels and tests for Usui Reiki: either through the online School of Reiki site or via email course and tests

Online Lessons at School of Reiki Microversity:

To register for the online school go here: School of Reiki (

Level 1 consists of three lessons each lesson is concluded with an on-line test and before attunement to level 1 there is an off-line level final. Request your final: 

Lessons via email

Email: for the first level course, when you are ready for the final email:

With the successful completion of level 1 final test either by email or through the online school you will be eligible for disance attunement and a level completion certificate. You can then continue on to level 2 Usui Reiki.

What you will learn with level 1 usui reiki:

    * Ethics of Reiki
    * Sickness and Health Laws
    * Legal Aspects of Reiki
    * History of Reiki
    * Principles of Reiki
    * What is Reiki?
    * When NOT to use Reiki
    * Other uses of Reiki
    * What does Reiki feel like?
    * During Attunement
    * Cleansing process
    * Detoxing
    * After Attunement
    * Chakras
    * Major Chakras
    * Minor Chakras
    * Level One Reiki
    * Level one symbol
    * Giving a Treatment (Hand Positions)
    * Giving a Self-Treatment (Hand positions)
    * Attunement Completion


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